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Our series concludes today with the proclamation that Jesus is King of Kings!  He alone fulfills and surpasses the Old Testament functions of prophet, priest and king.  Historically, the king's role was to act as protector and provider, to set an example for his people to follow and to act as representative to other nations.  No historical king has wielded the power that Jesus does.  He has overcome the world and the people.  

Last week, we were introduced to Jesus as prophet.  Today, we see Him also as a priest - the greatest one.  Before Jesus, the priest served as the representative and intercessor of the people to God.  Because of Jesus, we are no longer bound to the old sacrificial system and are able to talk and walk and draw near to God through Jesus ourselves.    

Today marks the beginning of a new three-week series.   Pastor Matt introduces us to Jesus as prophet, one of the roles or offices that Jesus holds.  Unlike the prophets of the Old Testament who were merely messengers for God for a time, Jesus is the full representation of God as both a messenger and beyond, as He also sees all things.  



Today, guest speaker Pastor Adam Callaway elaborates on our need to repent, as laid out in Luke 15:11-32, Jesus' parable of the lost son.  These verses teach us that there are three essential elements to repentance - we must realize our "lostness"; we must come to God as our Father; and we must receive God's gifts of grace and love.  

Our guest speaker today is Pastor Adam Callaway, Pastor, Young Adults, at the Metropolitan Bible Church.  His message today focuses on Luke 15:1-10 and the parables of the lost sheep and lost coin.  These stories, told by Jesus, remind us of the evil of our sin and our need to repent.  Sin is the great human equalizer; Jesus came to be the universal solution to this  human reality.  

Our message today, from the book of Philippians, is provided by guest speaker, Caleb Bonney, Youth Ministry Assistant at the Metropolitan Bible Church.  This book teaches us that Jesus' death demonstrated his love both for us and for God.  How far would you go for someone you love? 

Our sermon series on the life of Samson wraps up today.  After 20 years of judging Israel in the days of the Philistines, he once more falls in love with a Philistine woman, Delilah.  She is successful in learning from him the secret of his great strength and betrays him to her people.  Samson is captured, shackled and blinded and placed between the pillars of their temple honouring their god.  As he had in the past when helpless, Samson called out to the Lord, asking that he be avenged and die with the Philistines.  His prayer was answered.  With a last show of strength, he pushed away the pillars.  The temple collapsed and crushed everyone in it, including himself.   Samson's story reminds us that regardless of our flaws and weaknesses, God is always with us.  

When Samson's effort to reconcile with his wife fails, he seeks revenge and burns the Philistines' foodstocks to the ground.  This leads to further conflict, ending with Samson using a donkey's jawbone to slay 1,000 Philistines.  Afterwards, he called out to God and God answered, providing him with the water he needed to quench his thirst. We see Samson's great strength at work but also his weakness - anger and arrogance.  The lesson for us?  In spite of the times when we struggle with emotions such as Samson did, God remains steadfast, working within us out of love. 

We continue with the story of Samson this week.  (Judges 14:1-20)  Samson is now an adult and chooses a bride.  She is Philistine and not from his community.  On his way to court her, he and his parents were attacked by a lion.  This encounter eventually led Samson to create a riddle for his feast guests, aimed at providing himself with more wealth since they could surely not solve it.  When they did, because of his wife's betrayal, Samson responded with anger and violence.  What is the "line" in your life? What helps you to see what is right in the eyes of the Lord?

Today we begin a new sermon series, "Samson:  Strength and Weakness".  The Old Testament story of Samson is a familiar one filled with heroism, weakness, betrayal and redemption.  Today's message (Judges 13:1-25) tells the story of the promise from an angel of the Lord of Samson's birth and purpose.  We see even in these ancient times, faith in God through the reaction of Samson's expectant unnamed mother.  

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